A long forgotten example

I’ve been home from Japan for over three years now. I know, long time. (I know I’m not married, too, but thanks for the reminder.) It wasn’t until late last night as I zombie-walked home from the library that I remembered one of the best lessons the Assistants to the President in my mission taught me. No matter how dogged, exhausted, dead-like, and thoroughly worn through they looked, once you walked up to them and said hi they would smile huge and show the enthusiasm of the world solely to you. It was good to remember that small, little attribute they had. It wasn’t out of any prerogative or advice someone gave them. It was just a by-product of working as hard as they can and not letting it chance-affect anybody around them. They were good leaders in our mission.

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  1. those are my favorite kinds of people! always excited to see you… and, obviously, I am always excited to see you. I think you would understand that if – you know – I saw you more often.

  2. I want to go on another mission. 😦 You’ve been home over three years? Sheesh. I’m coming up to my two-year mark. Crazy how time flies.

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