A Japanese Substitute Post

I’ve struggled the past while to find something meaningful to write about on here.  I’ve learned things, sure.  But it seems that everything is either too personal to share openly or not developed enough for me to want to write about it.  You know what I mean?

I think I really should be responding to the comments made on the last post, and maybe write a follow up post to Abraham’s Obedience.  But, I’m still learning about that, and still clearing my head about everything I went through to learn it, so I’m not quite ready for that.

Hey, my buddy just told me about this YouTube video you should check out. Haha, I would never post in on here, so you’ll just have to go check it out yourself. Do a search for “Aitakatta” and it will be the first video.  This is a japanese band made of three teams of singers, I guess.  They switch out for each song/music video? Anyway, this is pretty crazy, pretty typical japanese pop (or J-pop, as they call it).  Think about walking around a town and hearing this everywhere you go. Desho? I don’t know if it’s obvious but all the girls are high school girls in their school uniforms.

Well, I really do want to write something on here somewhat gospel oriented.  But, it is late, I have a new week ahead with some mid-terms and I need some energy for it all.. So I think I am going to once again pass on my gospel post this for now.  Maybe during the week I will focus on something to study and report on.  Sorry! Let me know how you like the video!