I'm a Mormon.

Hey! I’m Adam.  I love life, even though it is all so crazy busy!  I live in Utah. I’m a college student studying International Relations and Japanese. Do you want a quick japanesey recipe to make yourself feel asian? Make some Top Ramen, when the water is boiling crack an egg into it! The water will cook it through, then make the soup and eat it like normal! It tastes even better if you get an actual asian flavor for the ramen.. sadly there is only one asian flavor that grocery stores offer! What flavor is that, do you ask? Yep, Oriental Flavor.

I love cinema because of my best friend, Phil. He also is the reason I like acting, AND why I have pursued doing comedy. In return I am his biggest fan, next to his wife. I LOVE comedy in any form. A great activity to me would be getting a mixed group of  people and doing games from “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Improv is always entertaining, but I have a growing love for sketch comedy too (a dream of mine would be to write sketches for SNL.. they are really needing good ones lately, so maybe I could help). My real love is in stand-up comedy, though.

With all these entertainment-based hobbies I also love good TV, like LOST, Kings, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Books also make a big part of me, and I really like to read most anything (I admit I read “A Walk to Remember” one summer day). I also play some piano and guitar, even though I am sadly forgetting both.

I guess that’s me! I’d love to meet you sometime too!

I dont know if this is me trying to look contemplative or if I was about to cry.

I don't know if this is me trying to look contemplative or if I was about to cry.

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  1. miked

     /  October 27, 2008

    egg in soup good. me likes. mmm

  2. Adam! Thanks for your kind words – they totally pumped me up. I’m digging your blog, too, and it is lovely to blogmeet you :-).

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