Hayaku: Hurry

One of my favorite pictures from Japan

One of my favorite pictures from Japan

Well, you know I can’t pass up a time lapse video of Japan. I don’t know what it is about time-lapse videos, but I LOVE them! I found this one on a Japan-culture-connection website, Pink Tentacle, that I frequent. Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the change of the first half to the second half of the video. It’s a great representation of a Japanese mind-set about their country. They all act the first half: rushed; but, they all think of their beautiful country like the second half: serene and mystical. Thanks Brad, for this beautiful piece of work. It reminds me of my days walking, hiking, driving, and working in those cities of Japan. Enjoy:


Okay, I just checked out Brad’s other video, “Saijo Matsuri” and I definitely have to recommend it as well. For all you Japan die-hards, you’ll love it (at least skim through; it’s twenty minutes long). Love it! This is a three-day festival where they parade around their 1800 pound danjiri all. day. long! The video starts out early morning, then goes sunrise time, then afternoon, and then evening. They take the danjiri all around town! I LOVE JAPAN! After you get the feeling of what it’s like be sure to check out the goregous shots at 9:07, 11:50, 13:20 (love the trio that turns into a crowd and then the sake bottle getting passed around), 15:00, 16:08 (how awesome!). ENJOY!

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