The Final Countdown

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(Cue The Final Countdown) It’s all over! I meant to write this post about my internship a week and a half ago, but I got caught up writing research papers and hitting the town for my final two weeks. It’s been a fun ride! I’m not too excited to head back home and go into Microeconomics . . . but this has been a huge influencing experience in my life and I’m very grateful to have had it.  For now I want to at least share some of the praise that my AWESOME school received from various people at my internship. These are all things coworkers told me throughout the semester and on my last day:

“We have had a long line of GREAT BYU interns here so the bar is high for you.”

“I don’t know what it is about you guys, something they have in the water at BYU or something, but the guys I’ve met from BYU are always really good guys.”

“The BYU academic system does it right with you guys. You all have it down. You really know what you are about, and it is awesome for business.”

From my chinese manager, “Did yu kno that Birmingham? (Brigham Young?) Right, Brigham Young, was the firs ones to come into China? (No) Yeah, they have some government connection for long time and I guess yo school is really good at dance? An they had their dancers come perform. (Really?) Yeah, I remember that! It was a big thing. We, it was the first civillian connection in China. (That’s great!) Yeah.”

“BYU campus life and academic system consistently produces people who can handle a lot of work very calmly. Other universities should send people to BYU to learn how they do it.”

It was fun in the Advocacy Center. They were so nice to us all. We would have CEOs of companies coming in every day, and they would always be happy to see and work with us. If I were to restate what my internship was at the Advocacy Center (to show how much I’ve changed, I guess) I would say, I supported the managers by completing due diligence checks and research on new clients who are seeking advocacy from the government in order to receive a fair treatment in various countries around the world. Pres. Obama’s National Export Initiative lands squarely on the shoulders of the Advocacy Center since we are a key source for helping U.S. firms succeed in exporting billions of dollars worth of goods and services around the world. We started finding out towards the end that the Advocacy Center is one of the most sought-after jobs within the International Trade Administration. So the other interns and I felt lucky to have worked and learned there. Would I ever work there? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind working there for a couple years. But, it’s not an entry level position. It’s something you have to maneuver into over time. Who knows where I’ll end up, I honestly do not have that plan yet. But, this internship had undoubtedly taught me mounds of things about working for the government that will help me make that decision later.

Only two days until I head home!!

When I posted this the webcams showed a busy bookstore, like always, and a cold campus, like always. Oh look, the same cop I’ve seen guarding the bookstore for 5 years now . . . yay . . . home . . .

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  1. that bookstore video kind of scares me..

  2. Felicia

     /  April 15, 2010

    The BYU Bookstore has a live web cams? That’s so bizarre.

  3. 1. Love the Chinese accent over editorial copy. Hilarious.
    2. Congrats and completing one of the most sought after internships. Says a lot about you and the other interns.
    3. Super hilarious that there are Web cams around campus.
    4. Almost welcome back to Provo!

  4. Glad you had a great Washington Seminar experience! When I was an intern 10 years ago, I heard similar praises from people about the high quality of BYU interns. Its great that ten years later, the reputation still remains in tact.

    Maybe having BYU on my resume will help find a job in D.C. I’m seriously considering moving back. Your blog is partially responsible for reminding me how much fun my experience was. I was sad to leave, as well.

    Best of luck to you!

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