God wants to help me not be LOST

The Final Season . . . Supper (Oh, how I love LOST's symbolism)

So I did something tonight that I never thought I would. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love the TV show LOST. I love everything about it and I love hooking people on it as well. Well, tonight was the season premiere of the final season of the show . . . so kinda a big deal for a die-hard fan. I’ve advertised for the past month, and tonight did a huge blitzkrieg in our building to make sure everyone knew about it. The show had a recap from 8 to 9 and then the two episode premiere from 9 to 11. I was planning on going to Institute (since I love our institute here) until 8:45 or so (it can sometimes go until 9:30) and then heading down.

In Institute I had the chance to give the opening prayer where I remember asking for the Lord to inspire Elder and Sister Ellsworth with the words that we, the students, needed to hear that night. I then sat down and started counting the minutes until I got to go downstairs and watch LOST. Well, it got about 8:30 and we were having a wonderful discussion on the blessings of understanding the Plan of Salvation and that we lived with God before coming to earth. Elder Ellsworth then wrote, “Tabula Rasa” on the whiteboard and I laughed out loud wondering if anybody in there knew LOST as well as I did. Tabula Rasa, which means a blank slate in Latin (Thank you, Maria, for taking Latin in high school and enlightening all of us last year), is the name of the second episode of the first season of LOST. Thinking that was incredibly coincidental I kept listening and within a couple minutes Elder Ellsworth asked if any of us knew John Locke. Uhh, yeah, I know John Locke. I know him as Jeremy Bentham as well. Not only are both those names of philosophers, but he’s pretty much the center of the LOST world. Like . . . the CENTER of LOST. The whole storyline revolves around the actions of John Locke and Jack Shephard.

So, I’m sitting there and couldn’t believe within 3 minutes there were two such pivotal references to LOST in Institute class. And I thought, “Could there really be something to this? Is this some obscure way the Lord is trying to grab my attention and tell me Institute is more important than watching LOST?” The coincidence was too great. I couldn’t help it. I had to take it as a sign and listen to what the Lord was trying to tell me. So I decided to wait until the end of Institute, and decided I didn’t need to skip Institute just to watch LOST on TV each week.

I mean really. It’s just a TV show. And this is Institute from some AMAZING teachers that I have always enjoyed. And I don’t think I will get many more opportunities after this to have such an engaging gospel class. Isn’t that a much better trade off than watching a TV show that I can just watch online? I decided it was. So, kinda crazy.

Many people don’t believe in signs. They are too obscure, too vague, too misinterpretable. True that. I agree completely. But, I still believe that we can receive them, and the Lord is probably sending them out A LOT more than I am recognizing. And I sure would like to notice them when the Lord sends them. Because He sends them for a reason. So I’ll keep looking.

. . . all the same, if you haven’t ever watched, just give me 40 minutes of your time 🙂

D&C 63:9-10, “But, behold, faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe. Yea, signs come by faith, not by the will of men, nor as they please, but by the will of God.”

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  1. Love it. Isn’t it amazing how He communicates to us in such specific ways – ways to which we will best listen?! Love your link at the end… trying to get everyone else hooked, huh? So awesome that you are loving your institute out there. So glad!!!

  2. Felicia

     /  February 3, 2010

    Rock on.

    In the same vein, after seeing all my excitement about LOST, Brandon suggested that we just wait until the end of the season and watch all the episodes at once. That’s what we did for the first four seasons (to get caught up) and found that the fifth season had much less of an impact on us as a result. So maybe we’ll have a huge party at the end of the season.

    You’re more than welcome to join us!

  3. And what about you, Ash?! Have you ever watched the first episode? You should check it out sometime and see if you like it . . . 🙂

    I’ve thought about doing that, too, Felicia. But I have decided that part of the fun is the anticipation from week to week. I had to watch from the beginning when I got home from Japan and when I finally caught up I relished in the anticipation each week. It was MORE satisfying to chew over each episode for a week than run them all together without room to breathe.

  4. 🙂 breezy was right. very cute.

  5. Impressive! That’s quite the sacrifice from you, and I know it will pay off because the Lord recognizes when you’re giving up something valuable to you.
    Anyway, you could watch it on Thursday nights and all of us in 337 would put you on speakerphone…
    Glad my (minimal) Latin was helpful.
    Miss you lots!

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