I am my own pet peeve

I just came back from a briefing by Marianne Viray, who was an intelligent, vibrant BYU alum that did well as she spoke to us about the difficulties of the new campaign finance reforms the Supreme Court decided this past week. At one point she threw out a question asking which was better, transparency of donations or freedom of speech, and I charged forward saying, “I see this whole issue riddled with political cartoons waiting to be drawn. I see candidates wearing suits with giant Nike swooshes running for government in the future. Just like Apple with the Prop 8 discussion, they came out and openly supported gay marriages. So whether there is transparency or not, whomever has the most money will be pushing the candidates agendas into office.

Content, I sat back and realized my own incompetence. My response to her question was 1) completely obvious and 2) COMPLETELY unrelated to what she really asked! I neither answered about the first amendment nor transparency. I disrespected her, as the guest speaker and lecturer, and I showed my ineptitude at contributing to the discussion. It was an opinion yelled on a metaphorical megaphone with no regard towards what anyone else was attempting to say. All I ended up answering was that I didn’t care what she was talking about and instead entertained myself with hearing my own opinion and knowing others are hearing it, too. This simply proves that I am an unprofessional academic and an amateur student of learning.

I bring this up because it is a clear example of one of my greatest pet peeves. There is nothing more frustrating and disappointing than to have a thought-out question put forward, seeing a hand and anticipating a quality, distinct answer, only to find the student saying something in order to relish in their own knowledge that they have demonstrated to the rest of the class and/or the professor that they have contributed to the class; and have, quite often I add, a completely separate opinion or random fact inserted in their response that they think will win the class over to understand the level of their intelligence. We see in my example above, I wanted to shout out my opinion and also wanted to let everyone know I had thought about the topic. Then, at the end I added my weak connection to the original question by saying, “Whether there is transparency or not . . . ” Therefore, I conclude that I am an idiot. I fell into the same self-centered, agenda-pushing, myopic view that many other people constantly do in class and at church each week. I apologize for my ineptitude, and promise to try and become better. Because you had to suffer through my response I will give you a picture to somewhat make it all better:

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  1. Felicia

     /  January 30, 2010

    You sound like a politician. Welcome to DC!

  2. Ha ha ha- I never saw this post. This is hilarious. I have totally done this before… makes me kind of sick thinking back on specific occasions. You’re not alone in the world – I think I’m my biggest pet peeve too. “Therefore, I conclude that I am an idiot.”

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