The DC . . . no, not Divine Comedy

Wow! How can I possibly convey everything that is my life right now!? I LOVE DC!!

Sight seeing:

  • Capitol Building Tour – Got a behind the scenes personal tour with an intern working for Senator Reid! SO ornate!
  • Kennedy Center for Fine Arts – Has anybody seen State of Play? Either way, you have to come here someday. They have a free show in their side, grand hallway theater every single day of the year. We got to hear some creole music, which was awesome!
  • Botanical Gardens – Loved it. Tons of cute kids hanging out there too.
  • Library of Congress – Oh my gosh. O.M.G.! I might have liked this more than the capitol. We’re going back to get a library card so we can read in the main room and feel like we somehow are going to find a national treasure.
  • Smithsonian – Air and Space Museum – Only saw maybe a fourth of it. Loved everything in it. Got to see the first civilian-made and run ship to take a civilian into space. SpaceShipOne. Which, in my excitement of getting to DC, I forgot was one of my goals to see while here.
  • Museum of Natural History – Couldn’t see all of this either. Still very entertaining.

Good Eats I tried:

  • Thai Coast – Best Thai I’ve ever had! (That’s not saying too much) Can’t complain for being next door to where I live!
  • Potbelly’s – Surprisingly good sandwich at George Washington University.
  • Good Stuff Eatery – It’s an unwritten sin if you eat here. But, it’s also a law that you eat here. Crazy government working against religion. The Toasted Marshmallow Shake will make you want to start drug dealing to pay for more of them. I felt like I broke the Word of Wisdom after drinking it, yet I also wanted to go buy another.
  • Dept. of Commerce, Cafeteria – Good food, but $6 for every pound of food.. and you don’t know how much you’ve taken until you get to the cashier . . . kinda sucks when it takes over $10 to fill you up . . . 🙂 (stinkin’ ellipse rules.. they don’t make sense)

Okay, I know this post hasn’t been about my internship (which is the whole reason I’m in D.C., right?), but I have plenty of weeks to get to that. And I don’t have much time anymore. And I can’t exactly talk about the details of what I work on..

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  1. Felicia

     /  January 11, 2010

    I forgot to tell you–if you’re going to eat at a Smithsonian cafeteria, then eat at the American Indian building. All of the other Smithsonian’s offer pretty much the same thing, but this one serves elk and buffalo and stuff that dad would never eat.

  2. Ha ha ha . . . “stinkin ellipse rules.” You’re right, they don’t make sense!

  3. Sophie

     /  February 4, 2010

    I disagree. Ellipses make sense. You just have to pay the price. And a high price it is. A high price.

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