I live in Washington D.C.!!

I have not previously written about my internship, but that’s because I have always had other things I wanted to write about. So to summarize this previous semester’s process I will say this: I am doing the BYU Washington Seminar where I live in a BYU/LDS owned apartment/office building on Pennsylvania Ave. (Yes, that Pennsylvania Ave.! About a mile down the street from the White House!) and I will be doing an internship for the next 3 months with the (get ready, it’s a mouthful) Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration – Advocacy Center! Basically I will research U.S. businesses and firms that apply for advocacy help to make sure they are not liabilities to the U.S. government for gaining our support in establishing themselves in international markets… At least that’s what I think I’ll be doing. I won’t quite know until my first day on Tuesday. SO! That’s where I am now, and you’ll be hearing a lot more about D.C. these next few months!

Speaking of D.C… what do I think, now that I’ve been here two full days? I LOVE IT.

It is everything I expected, (in a chick-flick, girly voice) and so much more!…

As I flew into Reagan Friday evening, we banked left and from my window seat (thanks Chelon!) I could see all the way from the Mall to the Washington D.C. Temple! It was picturesque! Since I’ve been here I’ve been able to travel around a little, we went to the Mall tonight to see what it looked like, but really we have been getting ourselves situated and moved in more than anything.

Washington D.C. is just amazing. It is the perfect mix of historic, colonial America with modern, international America.  From the businesses, embassies, 12+ universities, and government district there are people of EVERY type walking the streets. You hear different languages and mix into completely different crowds constantly, yet everyone acts like they are just visiting and ought to be cordial toward each other (though, I am well aware this is the homicide capital of the nation!). The pace of the city is amazing too. It’s not that anyone is in a hurry, but it feels like each other person is. Does that make sense? I don’t know. It feels like I am either in a dream or in a movie because I see these places that I’ve seen so many times, and seem like they should be so familiar, but now they are finally present (or at least I am), and I can finally know them for myself.

Maybe my feelings about this District will change over the next few weeks. Or maybe I will get used to the sights and sounds (which ironically all of us interns are trying to do, since that would deem us “locals”). But, maybe the amazement will never lift. And hopefully I will make the most of this chance to be in one of the capitals of the world.

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  1. Felicia

     /  January 4, 2010

    Avoid Anacostia (unless you want to get shot at), eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl and Five Guys and Lebanese Taverna and Kabob Palace, go to the Newseum, the Spy Museum is overrated (although maybe worth going to once), and wave at all the motorcades. You never know who’s inside. I can’t think of anything else. But I’m bummed I’m not there to hang out with you!

  2. AMAZING!! I can’t believe you are there! Your job description was VERY well written. I’m quite impressed. Sounds like this is going to be a phenomenal experience. Live it up. Love the picture too.

  3. Jessica

     /  January 8, 2010

    I took a taxi from Reagan to the Barlow Center and the first song I heard as we drove behind the Lincoln Memorial was the national anthem. I am not kidding…I thought I would die laughing. My life was a movie for 30 seconds.

    If you are looking for something to do in the evening to feel like a hip intern go to Tryst in Adams-Morgan (nightclub central). It’s a low key lounge that serves everything from smoothies or pancakes to alcohol. It will give you a chance to see what the nightlife is like without being totally immersed. I aspire to own a place just like Tryst.

    Also-eat the Thai food next door asap. Panang Pork.

  4. I found your blog through a Google search. Its good to read about someone on the Wash Seminar program. I was on it ten years ago (Winter 2000) and it was the highlight of my college years. I’m still good friends with five of the people I got to know during that semester. Its one of those experiences I sometimes wish I could relive…it was that great.

    Keep posting on your experiences! Would love to read more about how the program is these days.

  5. Glad to meet you, Nicholas! That’s awesome you were here ten years ago! Were you in the Barlow Center back then? I hear it keeps changing each semester. They just gave us a flat screen TV in the Great Room and any day now are going to give us flat screens in the lobbies of the guy and girl floors!

    Also, thanks for adding me to your blog, it looks great! I hope to keep in contact!

  6. Adam,

    When I was on the Seminar program, we lived in the Alexandria apartment complex near the Van Dorn Metro stop and a mall in Alexandria VA. We got to see the “future Barlow Center” as it was still under renovation. I think I would have preferred to live in the Barlow Center…though I had a car, so that would have been a problem for those of us who had cars that semester.

    Are any of the current Washington Seminar participants interning in the White House? I was the only one from my seminar group.

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