Lessons from a home ward

I had the wonderful chance to stand in the circle as my brother blessed his 6 week-old son in Sacrament Meeting. It was a good weekend because it was filled with family and memories. My brother and his family live about twenty minutes away, and it was completely away from the BYU/Student scene.  It was really refreshing to be in a family ward once again.  The only chances I get of that are at Christmas time when I go home. I had a chance to sit in Sacrament with a 2 year old nephew crawling all over me, and babies in surround sound, and members older than thirty with their own families, and senior citizens in many levels of comatose… it was great!  I was humbled though at the various lessons that caught on my mind unexpectedly.  Going to a home ward you realize again how marriage, family and obedience apply to life.. and not only a future life after being a student.

I wrote down some of the things I learned in that Sacrament Meeting to share with y’all.  I hope they teach you as they taught me:

  • I have lived up to my mission call as a missionary. I was blessed with a wonderful affirmation once again that I had done the Lord’s work, that He is happy with it, and that am living righteously to the lessons and expectations that He gave me from that work.  It’s very nice to know.
  • Babies hate to be held by four men with a loud voice nearby. So little 6-week-old Ethan started to cry during the blessing, so we were rocking him, but he cried more.. so we finally kinda sat him up.. and now he just cried louder and was a foot closer to the mic! It was funny. Good memory.
  • You will never regret going on a mission as a senior couple. The speakers were a senior couple who had literally just gotten back two days before from serving in the Palmyra, NY Mission. It was awesome to hear them speak of the wonderful times they had, even though the grandpa said he had never been one to talk much. They spoke highly of the need for senior couples and joked about how you don’t need to worry about tracting because senior couples don’t do that. It was refreshing to hear them too.
  • I need to study Preach My Gospel more. The couple quoted a few times from PMG and I felt guilty not knowing those statements were in there. I used to be able to give you a guess within a few pages of any passage in PMG. And the things they shared were really good for me to hear, so I know I need to study it more.
  • I want the conversion story of the Miyashita’s, my Mission President and his wife. This was just a personal realization I had as they spoke of a man’s conversion. My Mission President has a great faith filled conversion story that I have never even heard all the way through. With my mission reunion coming up on Friday I thought it would be great if we could get a copy of that. It would be something I would love to read over and over again.

    Baby Ethan

    Baby Ethan

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  1. Felicia

     /  September 28, 2009

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences about Ethan’s baby blessing. It was great for me to read, especially since we couldn’t be there. Love you!

  2. Mom

     /  September 30, 2009

    Love your report on the meeting! Wished that we could have stayed…as it was we were greatly blessed to have been driving when it was still light when a doe and fawn jumped out right in front of our car and we barely missed them….darkness would have been bad. Love you and Congrats!!

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