The New Start, Old Logic

Well finals are over! I took my Econ 381 final in a little over 2 hours.. It. kicked. me. hard. haha, but it was really interesting stuff, so I enjoyed the class. I would love to be an econ major, but my brain just doesn’t work that way, where you instantaneously learn a principle, apply it to a graph, analyze it algebraically, and manipulate it with real world data. That’s what every class was in this Macroeconomics class.

So what’s next? I have my FINAL Japanese class for my minor! I’m really nervous for it! I picked up my textbooks for the class yesterday.. they were two small novels in Japanese, with all the trimmings of being written from up to down and then right to left. Nothing new of course, but I hope they don’t expect us to just start reading from day one… because that is definitely not going to be me! Let’s hope that the class is bigger and I can hide in a corner.. and let’s hope the Lord blesses me with the Gift of Tongues ALL over again :). どうすればいいかちょっと分かりませんよ! Yeah, you get the picture.  I’ll just take it one class at a time (even though the classes are 2 hours long!) and try and study hard to keep up. I do love Japanese, though, and my teacher is Watabe Sensei, so I’m pretty excited to learn from him and get to hang out with a nipponjin (Japanese) once again. (PS I’m insanely jealous that my best friend, Phil, and his family all got to go to Japan!!)

So, with finals fresh in the mind I am reminded of a lesson of prayer that I learned while in Japan. From my mission journal, February 23, 2007 – Sendai, Japan – Elder Groberg of the Quorum of the Seventy shared this in a talk called, “What is Your Mission?” Out of five specific points to build a closer relationship with our Savior, number four was, “Pray diligently and fervently at least every night and every morning.” I testify that statement is true. I know how much closer I have gotten with my Savior because of diligent fervent prayer. I also know the lonely sadness that comes with knowing I have not prayed as I should. Praying is crucial for any spiritual growth. I know that is truer than anything else!

You know there was one time I was sitting in my bed in Japan thinking before I went to sleep. And I was thinking, “Wow, I really should say my night prayer now before I end up falling asleep and missing the chance (as I had so many times previously on those tired nights).” But, I would end up always justifying my reason not to at that second so that I might keep thinking about whatever. Well that particular night I had a voice in my head pretty much yell, “GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY!!” I was surprised by it, whether I or you believe it was my own conscience getting at me or outside help, it was still pretty surprising! Probably Grandpa Brigham coming to help a weak missionary out. To my detriment and stupidity, instead of following the advice I just laid there and thought about the random outburst within my brain. I ended up falling asleep without closing the day with a prayer.

Anyway, I know this is all random, but it all came back since the testing center is the building with the most prayers happening in it at any given day. With that: Here comes Japanese 322!

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