My Personal Devil’s Mission Papers

You have hereby been demanded to labor against Adam Dyal for as long as he is mortal. You will serve in Las Vegas, Nevada; Orem, Utah and Medford, Oregon as he grows up. Each area is a heavily populated city full of Latter Day Saint’s, good influence and proper examples for him to look up to. You will follow him, if you fail to corrupt him, to Brigham Young University, where he will live in the best environment, with the best church leaders, roommates and girlfriends that will keep him from choosing your wicked persuasions. You will work against the teachings of spiritually guided professors who will give truth and light which you are commanded to pervert and dim to keep him from applying to his personal life.

You have been demanded to do this night and day as much as our wicked influence empowers you to do so. You have been demanded because of your great diligence in corrupting those whom have been demanded to you before. You have been demanded for this labor because it will take the craftiest and most subtle temptations to have influence over this soldier of Christ. You will wait for his weakness to show always because you know the consequence: misery in loneliness and no satisfaction from your failed works to make Adam miserable with you.


Lucifer, the true Lord and King of the Earth

Me at a waterfall

My missionary district (diligent soldiers of Christ) at a waterfall outside of Hachinohe, Japan. (Elder Nelson, Whitlock, me and Elder Cazinha)

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