My Emotions.. Who has the right to them?

This post has everything to do with repentance, guilt and forgiveness. I like to believe that I am in pretty good control of my emotions. I have always thought it a good thing to be able to control your own anger or patience or when it is right/wrong to laugh (like with spiritual things). But I have a pet peeve that is uncontrollable, and that is because that is what it is. Nothing frustrates me more than when other people have control over how I feel. I hate having people edge me on just to see me get mad, that makes me even more mad. I hate it when I am put through a guilt trip to try and give money to a charity or do something because it is “right”. That doesn’t feel right to me, to be treated like an animal trying to get the most happy feeling from the biscuit my owner is holding over my head. That seems coercive, manipulative, and wrong. I am probably wrong about all this, but that is how I feel. So I hate it when someone holds something over you, and without forgiving you slaps you over the head with it whenever they want. That is the worst. I don’t think anybody likes that.

What gospel application does this have? Well it has a lot to do with humility and patience on my part. As does it deal with repentance. Wouldn’t it be horrible if we couldn’t ever get our trust back with God? If every time we repented God put us through a personal hell of all the sins that we have already repented of? That’s not the point of repentance. Maybe we put ourselves through that hell as we see how painfully weak we are, but God doesn’t do that to us. He loves us too much and is completely just. He will let you repent through Christ and forget it. And I truly believe He forgives us completely of it if we repent fully. Enos 1:5-6 “And there came a voice unto me, saying: Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed. 6. And I, Enos, knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away.”

Do any of you have any feelings, opinions or attitudes about this? I know that I have a lot to learn before I am clean from my mistakes in having these feelings. I have not learned it yet though.

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